A Deviant Blog Begins…

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This is my first attempt at blogging and I’m doing it in conjunction with my new web forum, ‘A Deviant Flock’.




I want to build a community of geeky, nerdy and above all friendly introverts (although I welcome anyone!), where we can talk about topics ranging from shyness to Star Trek, anxiety to ancient civilizations, and loneliness to lightsabers.


I myself am very much an introvert and find making friends with and even talking to people extremely challenging. Stereotypically geeks are, to varying degrees, socially awkward and introverted, so one would expect to find many of them in the ‘shy camp’. I’ve sadly not found this to be true so far, hence why I’m here now posting this. I dunno where they’ve all got to, but I’d like to find a few!!!


I want to meet interesting people who I can empathise with; people who share common interests which are perhaps outside the mainstream. I’m going to be filling my blog with topics relating to these interests, which can span anything from history and culture to technology and science fiction. That’s all for now!


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